How to Turn OFF iCloud Backup (iOS 12)

how to turn off icloud backup ios 12

How to Turn OFF iCloud Backup (iOS 12). Apple offers a lot of services except selling iPhones, iPads and a lot of such stuff. Icloud is one of the services which Apple offer along with its iOS devices, and also offer a lot of extra-ordinary features by the use of icloud. Icloud Backup is one of those services other than this are:- Icloud photo sharing, Icloud Drive, etc.

Although Icloud Backup is a good thing, not seem beneficial or useful for all. If Icloud backup doesn’t seem useful to you at all, or you get annoyed by the pop-ups saying “Buy More Storage” because you had used the free 5 GB icloud backup storage. Then you should disable iCloud Backup on all of your iOS devices like me.

Turning off iCloud Backup is not a hard task at all, you just need to be familiar with the steps needed to turn off the icloud backup on iOS devices.

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After reading this article, you will become familiar about how to disable or turn off iCloud backup on iOS 12 devices. Before knowing about the steps to disable icloud backup on iOS 12 devices, you should have a look at the requirements of turning off iCloud backup on iOS 12 devices.

Requirements for turning off icloud backup:-

  • Should have the password of the iCloud account
  • Internet connectivity

That’s all, above were a few required items you need to fulfill before turning off icloud backup on your iOS 12 device.

Now let’s have a look at the steps about how to turn off icloud backup as stated below.

How to Turn Off icloud backup on iOS 12:-

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to turn off icloud backup in your iOS 12 device. Follow the steps below as it is in order to proceed.

1. Open Settings app of your iPhone.

Settings on iOS 12

2. Tap on the icloud account or your icloud account name at the top in Settings.

icloud account
icloud account

3. Wait until options load up, and tap on “icloud”.

How to disable icloud backup
How to disable icloud backup

4. Scroll down until you find a button or option named “icloud backup”, tap on it after finding it.

icloud backup ios 12
icloud backup

5. Turn Off the “icloud backup” button.

Turn off icloud backup iOS 12
Turn off icloud backup iOS 12

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NOTE:- You might be asked for typing password of your icloud account when disabling icloud backup on your iOS 12 device.

It’s that simple and easy, you can turn off icloud backup on any of your iOS 12 device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you find any difficulties or problems while following the steps stated above, comment them in the comment box below.

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