How to change airpods settings iPhone iOS 13

How to Change Airpods pro Settings on iPhone (iOS 13)

Learn How to Change Airpods pro Settings on iPhone (iOS 13). Just got a pair of New Airpods or Airpods Pro, and want to change some settings of them, but don’t know how to do so? 

Then you are in the right place because in this article I will tell you about how you can change the settings of them according to your own needs. So, let’s go through the whole article below to know about it in detail. 

Airpods are one of the most innovative gadgets or the most innovative earphones. They contain sensors who respond when touched. And you can also change there response or function according to you.

And this can be changed by accessing the Settings of the Airpods or Airpods pro. Don’t worry the steps are quite easy and simple, anyone can follow them without any difficulties.

Curious what you can change in Airpods Settings? Then I can tell you. You can change everything including the function performed by each airpod while you tap them. Also, you can turn off or on the “Automatic Ear Detection”. And can also enable or disable Microphone of your Airpods. Other than that, you can change the Name of your Airpods as well from their settings.

At the end of this article, you can find a separate detail about what settings of Airpods can be changed.

The settings of the left and right airpods are different, you can individually change their settings. 

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow to change or access the settings of your Airpods. 

How to Change the Settings of Airpods

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to change or alter the settings of your Airpods or Airpods pro. The steps are quite simple and easy, and images are included at the end of them which might help you to understand the steps easily. 

  1. At first, pair or connect your Airpods with your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select “Bluetooth”.
  4. Tap on the “i” button present next to your Airpods name.
  5. All the Settings of your Airpods will appear including, the Left and Right option as well. 
How to change airpod settings on iPhone
How to change airpod settings on iPhone

In this way, you can change the settings of your Airpods from the iPhone running on iOS 13 or later. 

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Now as I mentioned at the start I am going to tell you about what Settings of the Airpods you can change. 

These are mentioned as following. 

What Airpod Settings can be Changed?

  • You can change the Name of your Airpod. This name appears on the iPhone while connecting to them. 
  • Double-Tap functionality can be changed or altered by individual airpod.
  • Can Disable/ Enable automatic Ear detection.
  • The microphone’s settings can be changed as well.

All the above-listed changes you can make to your Airpods from the Settings. 

If you have any questions regarding Airpods, their Settings or anything like that, then you can ask us by commenting them in the comment box below.

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