How to Software Update iPhone using Mobile Data

How to Do an iOS Software Update on iPhone using Cellular Data

Learn about How to Do an iOS Software Update on iPhone using Cellualr Data. This is the common problem faced by the majority of the iPhone users, one needs a wifi connection if he wants to download a Software Update on his iPhone. Other Mobile users who use android devices of different companies such as Samsung, Google, etc. can do software updates using mobile or cellular data. But the iPhone users can’t.

If you are here then it means you want to do the Software update of your iPhone with mobile data. And there are some ways or you can say tricks which one can use to download Software Update for your iPhone. In this article, I will tell you two ways, you can use any one of them to update your iPhone on the latest iOS software. 

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The users who belong to countries like India or other Asian countries mostly see this problem because in these countries Mobile Data is much cheaper than a wifi connection. So, the problem for the iPhone users don’t have a wifi connection is that they can’t update the software of their iPhone. 

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Thus, they start searching for ways of downloading it without wifi or using mobile data and hardly anyone of them finds a working way. 

And if you are reading this, then you are just going to know two working tricks that can be used to download and install the Software update on any iPhone. These ways work well on iOS 13 and iOS 12 devices as well. 

The first way is used by me also in case I don’t have access to a Wifi connection. The second will be not suitable for all of you, because it includes the use of a PC or Mac. 

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Those who have a PC or Mac can use the second way others can use the first way. 

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the first way which can be used to download a Software update on an iPhone. 

Using Personal Hotspot

In this method you need a secondary phone this can be an iPhone or any other smartphone. And you need to put the sim card with sufficient internet data balance on that secondary phone. Then follow the following steps.

1. Turn on the Personal Hotspot of the secondary phone.

Enable Personal Hotspot of your Secondary device
Enable Personal Hotspot of your Secondary device

2. Connect your iPhone to that Personal Hotspot by going to Settings > Wifi. 

Connect Primary iPhone to that Hotspot
Connect Primary iPhone to that Hotspot

3. When connected, your iPhone will treat that personal hotspot connection as a Wifi connection. 

4. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and you will be able to download and install that update on your iPhone. 

Download Software Update iPhone using Mobile data
Download Software Update using Mobile data’s hotspot

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These were the steps that you need to follow if you want to download the Software Update on your iPhone. I hope that you have a secondary phone at your home in which you can put the sim card pf your iPhone to enable the personal hotspot. 

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If no, then you can use the second method stated below, it doesn’t need to change the sim card of your iPhone but you need to have a PC or Mac to use the following way. 

Using a PC or Mac

In this method, you need to have a PC or a Mac. The latest version of iTunes should be installed on your PC and, commonly, you have a Mac and the iTunes installed in it. And you need a USB cable to connect your iPhone with your Pc. Now if you have installed the iTunes then follow the following steps. If you don’t know where to install iTunes on your PC, don’t worry the first step is about it.

1. Open iTunes on your PC or Mac, if you don’t have it then download it from-

2. Now connect enable the Personal Hotspot of your iPhone and connect your PC with it. 

3. Then connect your iPhone with Pc or Mac using a USB cable.

4. After doing that open iTunes on your PC, most of the time iTunes automatically opens whenever an iPhone is connected via USB cable. 

Download iOS Software Update with Mobile Data
Download iOS Software Update with PC using Mobile Data

5. In iTunes opened on your PC, you will see your iPhone and if it is not Updated then you will see an option saying “Update” or “Check For Update”. 

6. Click on it and the Update will start downloading in the Pc when downloaded it will be then transferred to your iPhone using USB Cable. 

NOTE:- We recommend to do a backup of your iPhone before using the above method. And don’t disconnect the USB cable during this process. 

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That’s all that you can do if you want to software update your iPhone using the mobile data. I hope this article is helpful to you. 

If you have any queries regarding this article then you can tell us by commenting them in the comment box below. 

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